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Innovation Ecosystem: (Changing perspectives)²

If asked why Innovation Ecosystem exists, we say this.  Because innovation is essential, and it’s not easy to sustain.

We know this from our previous jobs.  And we have passion around providing the new and fresh approaches leaders are looking for to help with the challenge.

Innovation is essential – both to maintain short term competitive advantage and ensure longer term organizational health and value.

Sustaining a culture of innovation is not easy.  This is because biases are real; both at the organizational and individual level. Groupthink is real. Instincts to dismiss what was “not invented here” are real. These are all barriers to innovation.

But innovation can be practiced, it can be improved. An organization can build innovation muscle over time.  An organization can strengthen its ecosystem to support innovation.  These things don’t happen overnight, but doing them is precisely how we help our clients.

Who we are


Mark is the CEO and Co-founder of the Innovation Ecosystem with 20 years experience of driving innovation and change in market leading companies such as BP, Hay Group and Syngenta. He is also Chairman of BC Platforms, a genomics software company, and director of Terramera, a Vancouver-based ag-tech start-up.


Chryssa is an Ecosystem Partner and the Director for Good at School for Social Entrepreneurs. She is also a founding member of the League of Intrapreneurs Canada, a Fellow of the School of Social Entrepreneurs and a board member of North York Community House.


Iain is a Co-founder of the Innovation Ecosystem with 20 years of global business building and business model innovation experience within professional services. His last role at Hay Group was to lead a digital business unit operating in 120+ countries.


Shani is an Ecosystem Partner and the co-founder of the The Cognitas Group, a consulting firm taking a highly innovative approach to the development of senior leaders. Prior to that, Shani worked as a consultant at McKinsey.


Philip is an Innovation Ecosystem Partner and also serves as the Managing Director of Strategic Alliances with Whiteford, Taylor & Preston, a law firm and serves as a Partner to Cresset Wealth Advisors.As an entrepreneur, Philip founded and served as the CEO of Metrum Group, a firm which grew to over 100 employees in multiple offices for almost 20 years providing strategic consulting services to Citibank, MasterCard, Servicemaster, BP oil, Coca-Cola and other global companies.