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Innovation Ecosystem: (Changing perspectives)²

For many, innovation is only about Steve Jobs or Elon Musk, or major breakthroughs delivered via R&D or engineering.
Not for us.

For us, nothing in your organization escapes the potential for innovation. Which means everybody in your organization should be able and ready to innovate.

Our product portfolio helps individuals and organizations make this a reality.

Sounds simple, but it is not easy. Just like quitting smoking. The road to failure is paved with good intentions. The good news: there is a road to success, it just requires lasting effort. That’s where we come in, related to innovation.

Innovation happens at that unique intersection of strategy and execution – your people and what they can do to improve what you do. To innovate requires the right attitude. It requires open mindedness. It requires curiosity. Some people have it, others can develop it. Some organizations have nurtured it, others can invest to create it. Simple, and made much easier with our productized services, designed to help you.

That’s why we do this and what we do. Let’s now talk about how we do it differently

We are transparent: we believe you should pay for what you want to get, not for what the service provider wants to earn. Simple, and this time also easy. All it needs is the guts to do it and change some old habits of the consulting industry.

The industry sets its prices based on three components – sales cost, intellectual property (IP) licenses and the delivery – but never tells you what is what.

We do.

Each of our services has a sales cost calculated within it. That cost is by design low, as a productized service provides a tried and tested answer to a well defined problem. So, no need for a complex sales process. You pay for the time it takes us to give efficient clients all they need to make an informed buying decision. The good news: repeat sales comes without the sales cost. The bad news: we charge for additional sales meetings if you want to enter in a long approval process.

Next, you pay for the use of our IP. That covers the development of our services, their maintenance, protection, quality control, etc. Our license fees are a fixed price within our services.

Delivery costs are simply that, what you pay to have our IP delivered to you. How that happens should depend on what you need, not on the margin the provider wants to make. Executive teams expect a different calibre of facilitator than a group of young graduates. All our staff are high quality and accredited, but yes, you pay for experience and familiarity with the corner offices. That’s the market. However, we will be transparent about the different costs of our people at the point of sale. Or you can use your own facilitators, once accredited, in which case we only charge the “corkage” fee.

No, we are no saints. We are a commercial organization, so need to make a profit. But not at all cost!


Well, because we are a team of poachers turned gamekeepers. In our time as “typical” consultants we always felt uneasy with what all consultants do to improve their margins. Now running our own business, we are up for doing our bit to make this change happen.

So, who are we?

Want to know about our business credentials: Mark BidwellChryssa KoulisIain Fitzpatrick, Shani Ospina, Philip Niedermair

Want to know what we don’t put in LinkedIn: read on

Who we are


Mark is CEO and Founder of Innovation Ecosystem. An anthropologist by training, he was fortunate to discover management consulting is a great way to defer making any career choices. The exposure that this role gave to the myriad approaches to business fuelled a lifelong interest looking at the world through different lenses. An interest that found a natural place in his executive role with a global agri-business  – where he also came to understand more about the power of ecosystems in business and nature. Mark lives in Switzerland with his family, and a small selection of bikes, books and Bordeaux wines, none of which get enough attention.


Chryssa is an Innovation Ecosystem partner. A product of diversity, she grew up in Canada, the child of Greek immigrants, and spent her early summers in Greece – where her two cultures often collided. Diversity of perspectives followed in her work journey where having earned her MBA she then spent 15 years working in the non-profit sector -often feeling torn between two worlds. Things came together when she founded Sidekicks, a social enterprise helping young people build their future at work. Today she leads the School for Social Entrepreneurs which allows her to see social change and life from different perspectives.


Iain is a co-Founder of Innovation Ecosystem. His first “job” out of university was to be professional football (soccer) player. While Iain’s football career never set the heather on fire, what he learned about team dynamics and performance management “on steroids” (have a bad game one week then next week you get dropped to the bench) proved invaluable in his subsequent 20 year career in professional services. Born in Scotland and now based in Philadelphia, USA, Iain gets plenty of access to multiple perspectives from his family every day at the breakfast table.


Shani is an Innovation Ecosystem Partner. As someone who studied in the US and the UK and is fluent in five languages, Shani has always been clear on the potential offered by cognitive diversity. This philosophy has endured through Shani’s 15 year career in management consulting, private equity and now as an executive coach to blue chip companies on five continents. Shani lives in Vienna, Austria with her young family where she looks to pass on her love of outdoor sports, nature and music to them.


Philip is an Innovation Ecosystem Partner. Born in London to a Scottish mother and American father, Philip’s transatlantic young life gave him early exposure to multiple perspectives. That helped him launch a career that has included founding a consulting firm to global companies, partnering with different prestige advisory firms and advising organizations and agencies within the cyber and intelligence communities. Based in the Washington D.C. area his resilience, curiosity and reflection muscles are all exercised through his love of fly fishing.