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The face behind “the voice”

The title of this post doesn’t refer to Frank Sinatra but Mark Bidwell. Here we see the face behind the voice so familiar to our podcast listeners! No selfie, no time for that in a start-up, but a genuine filmed interview. Yes, Mark - the CEO of Innovation Ecosystem, has been in the news. And [...]

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The 7 Best Business Podcasts You Should be Listening To – Tamara Kleinberg

*This article originally appeared on Huffington Post on 08/09/2027. Read the original post HERE. I listen to a crazy amount of podcasts. When I drive, in the shower, while cooking. Any time I can. I gauge how good they are by how often I share them with my team. If I find myself saying [...]

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4 Simple Ways to Increase Innovation in Your Business – Lisa Bodell

If innovation could be accomplished through vision statements, press releases, or rally cries, we’d all be rock-star innovators. But developing a strategy and mindset for creative thinking takes actual work. At the core of every truly innovative organisation is a leadership team that invests and actively participates in the process of generating new ideas. [...]

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046 – Shapeshifting Companies of the Future with Dr. Bob Johansen of Institute for the Future

Listen Now     In this episode we are joined by Bob Johansen who has been helping organisations around the world prepare for and shape the future for nearly forty years. Bob is a distinguished fellow at Institute for the Future where he utilises his extensive training in the social [...]

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045 – Deciphering Innovator Archetypes with Tamara Kleinberg of LaunchStreet

Listen Now     In this episode we are joined by Tamara Kleinberg, serial innovator, keynote speaker, creator the Innovation Quotient Edge (IQE) Assessment and founder of LaunchStreet, a leading platform for individuals and organisations seeking to innovate. In this episode we cover: The lessons Tamara has learnt throughout her 20 year career advising companies [...]

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044 – Combining Startup and Corporate with Jenny Fielding of Techstars

Listen Now   In this episode we are joined by Jenny Fielding Managing Director at Techstars a global venture capital fund for innovative tech startups. Jenny has extensive experience in both the startup and corporate worlds and a strong passion for “marrying startups with corporates” to create innovation and cultural shifts. In this episode we [...]

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043 – Vaccines, Scientific Breakthroughs and Mopping Floors with Dr. Jessica Flechtner of Genocea

Listen Now   Pondering the cure for cancer, developing vaccines for genital herpes, seeking that next big scientific breakthrough and mopping a basement floor is a day in the life of this episode’s guest Dr. Jessica Baker Flechtner, Chief Scientific Officer and Biosciences Pioneer at Genocea Biosciences. Jessica joined innovative biotech startup Genocea in 2007, [...]

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042 – The Benefits of Experiential Learning for Leaders with Rocket Scientist Joshua Spodek

Listen Now   Do you stop and smell the roses every once in awhile ? Do you remember what a raisin really tastes like? Do you take the time to listen to what your inner monologue is really saying? Today’s guest Josh Spodek has made it his job as a teacher and practitioner of leadership and [...]

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041 – Exploring the Power of Pause with Leadership Thought-Leader & Korn Ferry Senior Partner Kevin Cashman

Listen Now   “Managers assert drive and control to get things done; leaders pause to discover new ways of being and achieving.” ~ Kevin Cashman, The Pause Principle   Let’s pause… take a breath… reflect on the day, on the week, on the month. Let’s create space for our minds to process, our moods to [...]

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