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031 – High Stakes Industrial Innovation: A View From Silicon Valley with Paul Brody

Listen Now Episode Summary Paul Brody is a Global Innovation Leader in BlockChain Technology and a Solution Leader in the Industrial Internet of Things at EY. Paul has spent more than 15 years in the electronics industry and has done extensive research for his clients on technology strategy. Paul understands [...]

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030 –The Most Powerful Question In The World of Business with Michael Bungay Stanier founder of Box of Crayons

Listen Now Episode Summary Michael Bungay Stanier, Founder of Box of Crayons, teaches the principles of how to do less hard work and more good work to managers around the world. In this interview he explains why coaching can transform not only the person receiving the coaching, but also the [...]

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029 – Harnessing Corporate Activism To Transform A Pharmaceutical Giant with Celine Schillinger

Listen Now Episode Summary Céline Schillinger is a self-described corporate activist, who was called a troublemaker by her bosses. But thanks to her passion to grow and improve on rigid corporate systems, she was awarded Woman of the Year — La Tribune Women’s Awards in 2013. Céline is now the [...]

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Inventing The Future with Business Model Innovation with Alex Osterwalder

Listen Now Episode Summary Alexander Osterwalder is an entrepreneur, author, business model innovator, and co-founder of Strategyzer, a SaaS company that helps organizations develop better growth engines, powerful business models, and so much more. On this week’s episode, Alex discusses the innovative way he wrote the Business Model Generation book and explains why the Business [...]

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Building An Industry-Leading Innovation Engine with Trish Malarkey

Listen Now Episode Summary Trish Malarkey is the Head of Research and Development at Syngenta, a company that has become a global leader in agribusiness by bringing farmers improved crop solutions. Trish has extensive technical knowledge in biology, chemistry, and biotechnology. Combining her expertise with her leadership position at Syngenta, Trish offers highly valuable insights that are [...]

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026 – Creating a Practice of Lifelong Learning with Pamay Bassey

Listen Now Episode Summary Pamay M. Bassey is an entrepreneur, author of the book My 52 Weeks of Worship, and earned her B.S. degree in Symbolic Systems from Stanford University. Currently, Pamay is the Global Head of Learning Platform and Professional Development at BlackRock. Pamay discusses how she went from [...]

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025 – Disrupting Finance From Within a Leading Swiss Bank with Dave Bruno

Listen Now Episode Summary David Bruno is Head of Innovation for a large Swiss Bank, and the co-founder of YNOME, a transparent marketplace that rates your financial management providers and helps you assemble your own private bank. David is innovating the fintech industry and discusses how he builds trust and [...]

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024 – The Science of Innovation with Amantha Imber, Founder of Inventium

Listen Here Episode Summary Amantha Imber is the Founder of Inventium, a company that uses science-based innovation to help organizations unlock their growth. Amantha has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry such as Coca-Cola and Disney, and is the author of The Creativity Formula: 50 Scientifically-proven [...]

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023 – Innovation Swiss Style: The Untold Story Behind Switzerland’s Success with James Breiding

Listen Here Episode Summary James Breiding is the author of Swiss Made, a book on why Switzerland – a tiny country with few natural advantages – has become so successful in the world of banking, pharmaceuticals, machinery, and more. James discusses innovation in Switzerland and makes the point that when an [...]

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