The face behind “the voice”

The title of this post doesn’t refer to Frank Sinatra but Mark Bidwell. Here we see the face behind the voice so familiar to our podcast listeners! No selfie, no time for that in a start-up, but a genuine filmed interview. Yes, Mark - the CEO of Innovation Ecosystem, has been in the news. And [...]

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The 7 Best Business Podcasts You Should be Listening To – Tamara Kleinberg

*This article originally appeared on Huffington Post on 08/09/2027. Read the original post HERE. I listen to a crazy amount of podcasts. When I drive, in the shower, while cooking. Any time I can. I gauge how good they are by how often I share them with my team. If I find myself saying [...]

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4 Simple Ways to Increase Innovation in Your Business – Lisa Bodell

If innovation could be accomplished through vision statements, press releases, or rally cries, we’d all be rock-star innovators. But developing a strategy and mindset for creative thinking takes actual work. At the core of every truly innovative organisation is a leadership team that invests and actively participates in the process of generating new ideas. [...]

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Learning Leadership: What Leadership Programs Don’t Teach You – Joshua Spodek

Have you noticed how many top leaders were once actors, athletes, or other performers? And how few graduated from traditional academic leadership programs? Actors, athletes, and other performers have become U.S. Presidents, Governors, Senators, Congress members, Mayors, founders of well-known companies, and more. Love or hate actor-turned-President Ronald Reagan, he ranks near the top of [...]

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Developing Resilience through Negativity – Scott Peltin

So often we are bombarded by messages that we just need to “stay positive". People say things like, “Let’s look at the bright side” or we’re told things like, “Anger will kill you.” Really? If this was the case, why would we have evolved the complex capability of experiencing such a vast array of emotions [...]

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Survival of the Fittest: 5 Insights for the Future of Work

I recently attended a conference on the Future of Work organised by the Diplomatic Courier and hosted by ETH Zürich. My good friend and serial innovator Susan Kish ( was MCing the event and persuaded me to join by citing machine learning and VR/AR displays from the likes of Google and Disney. The conference was [...]

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The Ice Cream Cone of Innovation: How to Collaborate Effectively – Emmanuel Gobillot

1904. The World Fair. St Louis, Missouri. Syrian immigrant Ernest Hamwi is selling zalabias (hot, round, Persian waffles). It’s a hot day so nobody is buying. A few meters from his stall, Arnold Fornachou, the ice cream man, is doing a roaring trade – so much so that he is running out of tubs. Ernest [...]

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Creating Space

Welcome back to the Innovation Ecosystem. This week's post is going to be different. Rather than having a guest and having a discussion about change, and leadership, and innovation, as I've done in many of the previous episodes, I wanted, this time, to share with you some materials that I developed and gave, as part [...]

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