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Enterprise Mirror

During their first 90 days in an organization (the “honeymoon period”) new hires are still able to “see” things no longer visible to existing employees. This wealth of insights often ends in a treasure trove of missed opportunities and eternal regret: supervisors do not have or take the time to systematically inventory these “views from the outside”.

There is a short window during which the perspectives of new hires related to your company are not yet influenced by your organizational culture and biases. This is something that you may pay consultants for, but, unlike consultants, the new hire group has real “skin in the game”.
They have just made the major decision to join your organization and are heavily invested in ensuring a successful transition. The diverse
experiences and perspectives that new hires bring into an organization can be a significant source of innovation – but it is one most organizations fail to exploit.

The Enterprise Mirror captures this one-off opportunity.

As importantly, the program equips participants with the core competencies, mindsets and tools to leverage cognitive diversity, overcome biases, and strengthen the innovation muscles of the organization.

Enterprise Mirror is a productized service aimed at new hires in their first 90 days. Cohorts of new entrants are gathered in a “safe lab situation” and challenged to speak freely about their fresh and diverse perspectives. This 12 week program including 3 face to face meetings, preparing participants to mirror back to a panel of the organization’s leaders the hindrances and enablers to innovation and change they observe. Cohort members will get to know our proprietary tools such as Observation without Judgement, the Mirror Moment Checklist and The Innovation Ecosystem Journal all drawing on approaches from behavioural finance, communication theory, systems thinking, psychology, and social anthropology.

• Work with HR to select 8 to 10 new hires (experienced leaders, managers,
individual contributors, employees)
• Work with program sponsor, ensuring cohort participants are supported by line
• Ensure availability for the 3 face to face meetings and the 2 virtual meetings
for all cohort members

• Mixed group of 8 to 10 recently joined (preferably less than 1 month)
comprising experienced leaders, managers, individual contributors or
employees from across the organization
• No new graduate entrants
• Open to all functions and roles

• Supporting material in English, facilitation can in local language
• Access to the following proprietary tools:
¬ Innovation Ecosystem Journal
¬ Mirror Moment checklist
¬ Compare and Contrast Questionnaire
¬ Eco-map
• Training in theory and practice of proprietary approaches, with supporting
materials, including:
¬ Creating Space
¬ Observation without Judgement
¬ Reflective Journaling

• In person time:
¬ 3.5 days over 3 months, comprising 3 days face to face, 0.5 days virtual
¬ 3 days face to face: 1.5 days kick off, 1 day integration, 0.5 days panel
¬ 0.5 days virtual: 2 x 2 hour Zoom calls
• Individual working time (outside program meetings):
¬ 4 hours/week in 1st month, 3 hours/week in 2nd month, 2 hours/week in
3th month