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The title of this post doesn’t refer to Frank Sinatra but Mark Bidwell. Here we see the face behind the voice so familiar to our podcast listeners! No selfie, no time for that in a start-up, but a genuine filmed interview. Yes, Mark – the CEO of Innovation Ecosystem, has been in the news. And to be honest, we are proud about that, so want to share it with you, listeners and supporters of Innovation Ecosystem’s podcasts.


What is this all about?
a-connect, the human resourcefulness enterprise™ that helps leading global businesses to confront the future, recognizes Mark is a leading thinker and practitioner in the world of innovation. They see his insights on “intrapreneurship” as quite unique, so interviewed him for the thought leadership section of their website.
We would like to share this video clip with you, as Mark talks about many topics familiar to podcast listeners: the intrapreneurial challenge, how to foster intrapreneuship, and some advice for fellow intrapreneurs.
For those interested in what Innovation Ecosystem is all about, this interview serves as a great introduction to what our company stands for. It also helps explain why our flagship product is the “Innovation Leadership Circle”: a program offering a safe and challenging environment for people open to work through their intrapreneurial challenges with fellow intrapreneurs from other companies. You can read more about this program by clicking on the Program tab at the top of this page – for people interested we still have a few seats for the ILC that starts on November 21 in Switzerland, and for the one starting January 30 in Philadelphia.


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Iain Fitzpatrick, Co-founder and COO

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