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Grove Harvest

You have an important decision you are grappling with. You have choices to make and are unsure whether to turn left or right. You have already tried to resolve the issue using your existing, tried and tested processes. You are now ready to look at the question in a different way, through a different set of lenses. Why not tap into outside perspectives, leveraging “other” know-how, by bringing together people from different backgrounds but
familiar with similar challenges to your issue at hand?
Grove Harvest is the answer when cognitive diversity is what will show you the way out of the labyrinth.

We offer a highly interactive and engaging face to face event with consecutive sets of diverse outsiders willing to share their knowledge, experience and scars. One that will increase the probability of getting to that “aha moment” that creates clarity on how best to act.

Grove Harvest is about tapping into the experience of people that did it “their way” rather than exposing you to people that will tell you what to do. Grove Harvest can lead to making “their way” “your way”, or, on the contrary, make you see that this is a tried and tested way that
would fail in your context.

• Selection of list of external guests to the meeting (for 3-5 sessions)
• Briefing and preparation of meeting participants
• A 2-day Grove Harvest meeting
¬ Up to 5 x 2 hour sessions each with a Grove Harvest guest
¬ Each session followed by 1 hour debrief absorb key points of the session
• Supporting you to consolidate the findings of the meeting into a decision making,
action oriented summary

• Decision makers

• English

• In person time:
¬ Dinner with business leader and her team evening before Grove Harvest
¬ Grove Harvest : 2 days