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At the Innovation Ecosystem we believe in the power of ecosystems to achieve outcomes not possible in isolation - we are extremely passionate about this. So we created the Innovation Leadership Circle, an in-person and online program that, upon selection, brings leaders together to accelerate their innovation agendas.

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IE Bulb Kick Off Events

Ecosystem Learning. How we do this. Together.

Grow leadership capability through unfiltered access to expert practitioners and thought leaders

IE Bulb Kick Off Events
IE Bulb Kick Off Events

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Between six and eight. Research and experience shows this is the optimal size to achieve group based results.

We will prioritize those who apply early. We will also make sure the fit of each Innovation Leadership Circle is best. This may mean, for example, making sure directly competing companies are in different programs.

What is the Innovation Ecosystem?

A successful ecosystem involves working in harmony. We will be relentless in making sure the program is right for you and for others participating.

We believe passionately in the power of ecosystems to achieve outcomes not possible in isolation. So we created the Innovation Ecosystem to help organizations and leaders improve their innovation results.

We do. The Innovation Ecosystem includes accomplished business leaders, expert practioners and thought leaders in the space.

What is the Innovation Leadership Circle?

Fill out the form. Once we receive it we will contact you to talk through how the Innovation Leadership Circle maps to your innovation agenda.

It is our premier service. It brings leaders together to accelerate their innovation agendas.


How does Ecosystem Learning compare to other approaches?

Who delivers the program?

Based on proven methods for achieving breakthrough results the Ecosytem Learning approach leverages the diversity and experience of the group, combining collaborative and customised learning to captures the power of the group to create solutions to the most challenging problems.

How many people take part in each Innovation Leadership Circle?

Where can I learn more about the Innovation Leadership Circle?

How do I apply?

Complete the application form on this page. The selection process involves a detailed discussion to fully understand your needs and address any remaining questions you may have.

Is my application likely to be accepted?

Why do you ask me to choose multiple possible dates?

Want to join other leaders, like you, who have delivered breakthrough results in their innovation agendas?