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"With the Innovation Ecosystem, Mark has created a valuable resource for leaders seeking inspiration and insight. He combines his personal experiences with the perspectives of a range of compelling business leaders relevant for anyone seeking to enhance innovation and entrepreneurial capabilities."

The Innovation Leadership Circle

Rob Wolcott, Professor of Innovation, Kellogg School of Management

Establish lasting connections with an exclusive network of innovative business leaders

Our innovative Ecosystem Leader Method      is based on proven approaches to:

Collaborate with a group of accomplished leaders to co-create solutions, and achieve breakthrough results via specific focus on your agenda

At the Innovation Ecosystem we believe in the power of ecosystems to achieve outcomes not possible in isolation - we are extremely passionate about this. So we created the Innovation Leadership Circle, which brings leaders together to achieve their results more quickly and accelerate their business agendas.

Grow leadership capability through unfiltered access to expert practitioners and thought leaders


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A team with proven track records

People behind the Innovation Ecosystem

Shani is an Ecosystem Partner and the co-founder of the The Cognitas Group, a consulting firm taking a highly innovative approach to the development of senior leaders. Prior to that, Shani worked as a consultant at McKinsey.

Mark is the CEO and Co-founder of the Innovation Ecosystem with 20 years experience of driving innovation and change in market leading companies such as BP, Hay Group and Syngenta. He is also Chairman of BC Platforms, a genomics software company, and director of Terramera, a Vancouver-based ag-tech start-up. 





Iain is a Co-founder of the Innovation Ecosystem with 20 years of global business building and business model innovation experience within professional services. His last role at Hay Group was to lead a digital business unit operating in 120+ countries. 

Chryssa is an Ecosystem Partner and the Director for Good at School for Social Entrepreneurs. She is also a founding member of the League of Intrapreneurs Canada, a Fellow of the School of Social Entrepreneurs and a board member of North York Community House. 


We believe passionately in the power of ecosystems to achieve outcomes not possible in isolation. So we created the Innovation Ecosystem to help organizations and leaders improve their innovation results.

How many people take part in each Innovation Leadership Circle?

What is the Innovation Leadership Circle?

We do. The Innovation Ecosystem includes accomplished business leaders, expert practioners and thought leaders in the space.

It is our premier service. It brings leaders together to accelerate their business agendas.

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How does Ecosystem Leader Method      compare to other approaches?

What is the Innovation Ecosystem?

Based on proven methods for achieving breakthrough results the Ecosystem Leader Method      approach leverages the diversity and experience of the group, combining collaborative and customised learning to captures the power of the group to create solutions to the most challenging problems.


Where can I learn more about the Innovation Leadership Circle?

Between six and eight. Research and experience shows this is the optimal size to achieve group based results.

Complete the application form on this page. The selection process involves a detailed discussion to fully understand your needs and address any remaining questions you may have.

Fill out the form. Once we receive it we will contact you to talk through how the Innovation Leadership Circle maps to your innovation agenda.

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