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The Innovation Leadership Circle

Where it is critical to have the right attitude, the right open mindedness, the right curiosity is without any doubt at the top of the house. A place where leaders risk making (bad) decisions in an echo chamber.
The Innovation Leadership Circle brings together people from different non-competing organizations who are “peers” – in that they’ve all been there, seen it done it – but who would not otherwise be in each other’s ecosystem.

Coming together in a “lab-like” environment, in the absence of the habits and politics of their own organization, participants in this curated group are triggered to fully benefit from the built in cognitive diversity of the group. The Innovation Leadership Circle TM exposes participants to different perspectives and strengthens their skills to nurture innovation in their own organization. A pedigree program that enables leaders to walk the talk of people centered innovation.

• Cohort members are drawn from diverse industries and disciplines with no
competitors permitted
• Mix of 2 in person all day meetings and 7 virtual, 2 hour long video calls over 3.5
• Virtual session dates and timings agreed by the group
• Minimum of 1 “hot seat” session per cohort member dedicated to their unique, live
business issue

• Leaders with minimum of 15 years of work experience (Founder, President, Vice
President, Director level roles)
• Participants from any/all functions
• No more than 1 person from same company per session

• Hot seat session not requiring any domain, technical knowledge
• Access to proprietary materials and tools
• Face to face meetings, fully catered, held at compelling locations
• Secure video conference enabled virtual meetings
• Access to Innovation Leadership Circle alumni network

• 3.5 days over 3.5 months
• 2 full day face to face meetings, plus 7 x 2 hour virtual sessions on a biweekly basis