Doing a perfect handstand does not come overnight, but only after weeks of deliberate practice. Research by University College London showed that it takes an average of 66 days for new habits to become the norm of your behaviour. Therefore, rather than a one day training, a daily prod is the better way to nurture an innovation mindset.

Nudge does what its name says. It gives your employees a daily “nudge” that in just a few minutes each day demonstrates the innovative power of multiple perspectives. Because being exposed on a regular basis, and over a period of time, to different ways of looking at things helps you build your innovation muscles.

These nudges are delivered in the form of digital content accessible via a physical block calendar product. Each day your employees scan a QR code to access a piece of curated content. This content uses humour, optical illusions, quotations and exercises, that will, over time, forever change how your people look at problems. The features of both the physical and the digital product are designed to enable habit formation: 6 days a week, employees are triggered to take a few minutes of space in their busy schedules to perfect that handstand.

To allow good habits to form, we recommend a Nudge program runs for at least 3 months. Nudge is the outlier in a world of information overload, instant swiping and social media echo chambers. Nudge gets to the point, but not only from the direction you expected.

• Configuration of the block calendar (organization’s logo, period covered, logistics)

• Recommendation: all employees (under the assumption that the majority of your
employees have smart phone access)

• Minimum of 3 months (recommended). Available up to 1 year.

• Apple IOS and Android compatible
• English