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Speaker’s Corner

There are moments when it is critically important that all employees receive a clear and compelling set of communications: introducing a new approach to innovation, a strategic transformation program, a post merger / acquisition situation, a CEO leadership change, etc. The importance of what we say, how we say it and how often is rarely questioned. However, “who” is saying it, is often neglected. Nevertheless, in communication the
speaker is the message.

Today’s employees are not simply willing to accept as infallible truths the messages from the usual suspects (CEO, manager, project leader). Not everybody is used to the jargon of the executive crew. So, it’s good to expose the audience to fresh perspectives on your most important messages from different parts of the organization – maybe even from the outside.

Speakers’ Corner is an exclusive set of organization specific podcasts that will do the job.

Our experience changing perspectives one podcast at a time – we currently have a library of close to 100 innovation related public podcasts – is now available for your inhouse use. Our approach is based on the universal phenomenon – that we hear the same message differently, depending on the messenger and the medium. Furthermore, the easy to consume podcast format has the advantage that the message can be listened to at a moment convenient for the receiver rather than the deliverer.

• All interviews conducted virtually using Skype
• Publication of podcasts to employees accessible via multiple channels

• All employees or targeted subgroups

• English
• We inform you that the podcast is ready for you to distribute to your employees

• Biggest factor on timing will be the availability of your choice of podcast
guests. Expect a 3 to 6 week schedule
• Broadcasting can be scheduled on daily, weekly or monthly basis