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In this episode we are joined by Tamara Kleinberg, serial innovator, keynote speaker, creator the Innovation Quotient Edge (IQE) Assessment and founder of LaunchStreet, a leading platform for individuals and organisations seeking to innovate.

In this episode we cover:

  • The lessons Tamara has learnt throughout her 20 year career advising companies such as Disney, General Mills, RICOH, P&G, J&J on how to create innovative cultures.
  • Why she so firmly believes that everyone has the possibility to be an innovator and the implications of this for leadership in large, established organisations.
  • We walk through Tamara’s IQE Assessment the only tool designed to decipher a person’s natural innovative strengths and create the right environment for them to thrive.

What we learnt:

  • Simply giving a company ideas is not enough, we need to create ownership of ideas and empower everyone to utilise their innovative potential.
  • An innovation culture, creates space for innovation and effectively grants permission to all levels within the organisation.
  • Acknowledging that different people approach innovation in different ways enables us to employ compounding innovation which takes a step by step approach to innovation treating it like a bank account that steadily grows.




What Was Covered

[2:25] What does Tamara do?
[3:55] Why is innovation such an important topic for companies?
[6:10] What we need to do in organizations is create ‘change artists.’
[7:00] How has innovation changed over the years?
[9:35] The real power to a successful company is teaching people how to be innovative.
[9:55] Your people have great ideas, they’re just not being tapped into.
[13:15] Mark took Tamara’s innovator assessment. She breaks it down, what kind of innovator Mark is.
[16:55] What kind of leader do you need to be to help your staff be more innovative?
[21:15] You want to thank people, as a way to encourage them, for speaking up at meetings, even if you disagreed with them.
[24:05] What does Tamara mean by compounding innovation?
[30:30] A sexy idea just isn’t enough to take things to the next level.
[34:45] The most successful leaders ask questions four times more often than the average leader.
[37:15] All the great leaders Tamara had, asked questions and really pushed her to excel.
[39:30] Every one of us has an innovative mind, we just need to unlock it.
[39:50] What has Tamara changed her mind about recently?
[42:30] What does Tamara do to remain creative and innovative?
[44:00] What does Tamara attribute her success to, in life?

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