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The Innovation Ecosystem

What is the Innovation Ecosystem

We believe passionately in the power of ecosystems to achieve outcomes not possible in isolation. So we created the Innovation Ecosystem to help organizations and leaders improve their innovation results.

How we do this
We deconstruct world-class performance of remarkable and thought-provoking people on the topics of innovation, leadership and change in the worlds of business, academia and sports. We then bring ecosystem members carefully curated strategies, insights and practical tools they can use straight away.

Through the Ecosystem we aim to bring together innovators and leaders from established organizations to equip them with the skills and experiences necessary to become more innovative and so better able to respond to the myriad challenges their businesses face.

Who we are


Mark Bidwell

Mark is the CEO and Co-founder of the Innovation Ecosystem which helps individuals and organisations become more innovative and entrepreneurial. He has over 20 years of experience driving change in market-leading companies such as BP, Hay Group, and Syngenta, where he led the development of a $2bn Speciality Crops Unit. He is also Chairman for BC Platforms, a genomics software company, and director of Terramera, a Vancouver-based ag-tech start-up.

Ian Charles Stewart

Chairman and Co-founder of the Innovation Ecosystem, Ian is a serial innovator, WiReD magazine Co-founder, and social venturer. He recently returned to Switzerland after a decade in China supporting entrepreneurs seeking to innovate in the complex Chinese ecosystem. He firmly supports the Innovation Ecosystem view that business environment change is now pervasive and companies need to constantly innovate or suffer business model disruption.

Iain Fitzpatrick

Iain is a Co-founder of the Innovation Ecosystem and a global business builder and enterprise leader with 20 years professional services experience, spending the majority of those in global business leadership roles. Iain is known for being skilled at breaking down the most complex problems into solvable chunks and getting the job done with and through others. Iain is able to engage at all levels to deliver superior organisational performance. Acts as an enterprise leader and always operates with the highest levels of integrity.