Innovation Ecosystem is proud to announce that serial innovator, WiReD magazine co-founder, and social venturer, Ian Charles Stewart has accepted to join us as investor and Chairman.   “I have been impressed with Mark’s enthusiasm and energy as he drives forward the message that companies can and should innovate, in more areas, and with more ambition.” 

Stewart has recently moved to Switzerland after nearly a decade in China where he supported both for-profit and social entrepreneurs seeking to innovate within the complex China ecosystem.  He is a firm supporter of the Innovation Ecosystem view that business environment change is now pervasive and constant and companies need to constantly innovate or suffer business model disruption.   “But everyone knows that companies have to innovate” he says, “what Mark and the Innovation Ecosystems team are doing is review, test and propagate real tools to help innovation happen, in sometimes difficult environments”.   We are delighted to have Ian’s support on this journey. You can read more about Ian on his LinkedIn profile here.