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“Managers assert drive and control to get things done; leaders pause to discover new ways of being and achieving.

~ Kevin Cashman, The Pause Principle


Let’s pause… take a breath… reflect on the day, on the week, on the month. Let’s create space for our minds to process, our moods to level and our thoughts to mingle.


This episode’s guest wrote a book on this phenomenon based on his extensive experience coaching, advising and researching leaders in some of the world’s largest companies. Kevin Cashman is a best-selling author, top-ten thought leader, keynote speaker, global CEO coach and pioneer of the ‘grow the whole person to grow the whole leader’ approach to transformative leadership. He is the founder of LeaderSource Ltd and the Chief Executive Institute™, recognized as one of the top three leadership development programs globally. In 2006, LeaderSource joined Korn Ferry, where Kevin is now Senior Partner, CEO & Executive Development.


As a thought-leader on topics of personal, team and organisational transformation, he has written six outstanding books on these topics including including Awakening the Leader Within and Leadership from the Inside Out, named the #1 business book of 2000 by CEO-READ and is now used at over 100 universities globally. He has written numerous articles for the likes of The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fast Company, Strategy & Leadership, and Directors & Boards Magazine among others. His latest book, The Pause Principle: Step Back to Lead Forward, is the culmination of many years researching and working with some of the world’s most successful executives and CEOs: it explores how leaders, and indeed all of us, must deal with the complexities of the highly globalised and digitised world in which we live by stepping back and taking time to reflect, observe and, essentially, “smell the roses”. The book provides a practical process that individuals, teams and organisations can apply to inspire personal growth, developing others and providing space for innovation.


In today’s episode, Kevin and Mark discuss the rationale and research behind The Pause Principle which aligns strongly with the notion of “creating space” explored by previous guests like David Allen, Lisa Bodell and Heiko Fischer, among others; about Kevin’s new interest in the concept of “story mastery”; and finally some fresh insights into the qualities of a great versus a good leader.

What Was Covered

[2:55] How did Kevin Find himself in the leadership industry?
[5:35] If you look at the bestselling books 20 years ago, if was all about process.
[8:20] If we want a breakthrough, then we have to step back and look at it as a whole.
[12:55] Studies have proven that there is a strong correlation between self-awareness and performance.
[17:05] Kevin helps on an individual level and on a team level, but what does that look like in practice?
[21:05] When you think you know, take a pause, and then ask another question. Challenge yourself by asking questions.
[26.10] What does world-class CEO coaching look like?
[31:30] How does failure, or the subject of it, play out in the C-suite?
[43:15] What has Kevin changed his mind about recently?
[45:30] What does Kevin do to remain creative and innovative?
[47:55] To what does Kevin attribute his success in life?

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