Stretching before exercise is important. So, just as you make sure that your hamstrings and calf muscles are properly limbered up, you should warm up your minds before you kick off your offsite executive meeting, corporate event or conference.

The Innovation Ecosystem Speech helps you walk the talk of your innovation agenda by opening up peoples’ minds to the multiple perspectives that fuel innovation. Rather than being an academic lecture, we take you on an energizing journey linking business innovation to nature’s mutations by comparing rabbits with alligators, all while as Charles Darwin, Warren Buffet and a (gray) squirrel share a beer and reflect over stashing strategies. Yes, the speech practices what it preaches and doesn’t shy away from covering innovation from different perspectives with some tongue in cheek moments.

Our Innovation Ecosystem Speech includes simple steps that everyone can take to build their innovation muscles. There are no recipes, nor new silver bullets. It will set the scene for intriguing debates and inspire your people to think differently about innovation in a practical way.

Despite originating in the real world rather than a library, the Innovation Ecosystem Speech is nonetheless impeccably referenced. It draws on our combined 75 years of executive experience and almost 100 interviews with global business and thought leaders from the worlds of business, academia, sports, science and the arts. This is a speech that challenges without being dogmatic and dispels a number of myths about innovation in an engaging and humorous way.

• Briefing to understand your event and our technical requirements.
• Delivery of speech plus option of Q&A

• Corporate event – for example, off site executive meeting, all employees’ day,
• Conference or industry event

• English

• Speech (45 mins)
• Q&A (up to 30 mins)