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“A company has a responsibility beyond making a profit for stockholders; it has a responsibility to recognise the dignity of its employees as human beings, to the well-being of its customers, and to the community at large.”

~ The HP Way, David Packard

What do Europe’s most innovative video games company, a US Navy Submarine Captain and Hewlett-Packard have in common?

The answer – autonomy, transparency, simplicity and entrepreneurship. Oh and Heiko Fischer!

In the 1950s the founders of Hewlett-Packard, Dave Packard and Bill Hewlett, who are often referred to as the founders of Silicon Valley, developed what is now known as the HP Way. It was based on the fundamental belief that in order to excel, you need to create a workplace that fosters teamwork, encourages high achievement, and rewards loyalty. Over 60 years later, Heiko Fischer (referred to by leading management thinker Gary Hamel as the Tony Stark of Human Resources) founded Resourceful Humans (RH), basing it on the HP Way and including management philosophies developed in innovative companies like WL Gore and Ricardo Semler’s Semco Partners, as well as drawing on Heiko’s experience working at eBay, General Motors and Bayer.

During his time at Crytek, Europe’s most successful independent video games company, Heiko and his team established the RH-Way, which is a management framework built on the mantra of “100% entrepreneurship, 0% bureaucracy”. The business was designed around a network of entrepreneurial teams contributing autonomously to the best interest of its customers. After the success of the experiment at Crytek, in collaboration with Angela Maus and Markus Tacker, Heiko founded Resourceful Humans in late 2011 to bring the RH-Way into some of the world’s most successful companies. In 2014, RH was awarded the Management Innovation Award for enabling democratic entrepreneurship at HAUFE. RH combines its maverick management framework with cutting edge networking technology like aiRH, to optimise work environments for people and products.

In today’s episode, sponsored by a-connect, Heiko and Mark discuss how the RH way came into being through Heiko’s time at Crytek, how the core principles behind the RH philosophy “100% entrepreneurship, 0% bureaucracy” work in practice, and how gamification in the workplace can help us solve the problem of unproductive meetings (among other things).


What Was Covered

[5:00] How does Heiko incorporate 100% entrepreneurship and 0% bureaucracy into his company?
[9:00] While working at larger corporations, like HP and Bayer, Heiko felt broken. He wanted to work from the bottom up.
[13:20] Through these experiences is how the 100% entrepreneurship and 0% bureaucracy mindset was born. How do you craft such a culture?
[19:00] Everyone knows meetings take up a chunk of our work time. How does Heiko re-think the useless meeting?
[24:35] Who are you serving by having this meeting?
[28:40] When you start arguing with the tool to help you be more efficient, what you’re really doing is arguing with a broken company culture.
[36:30] Heiko discusses the book, Turn The Ship Around, by David Marquet.
[38:50] What can the next generation expect when they’re ready to face the workforce?
[45:10] Large organisations are getting cynical about the advice consultants give when trying to change the company culture.
[42:15] What has Heiko changed his mind about recently?
[46:55] What does Heiko do to remain creative and innovative?
[49:20] What does Heiko attribute his success to in life?

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Turn The Ship Around, by David Marquet

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